Strapping Systems

Orgapack Steel Strapping Tool

Strapping tool for strapping with high clamping force without a seal. The manual steel strapping tool is one of the lightest in its class but can tension up to 6,500 N! Its easy operation guarantees fast and secure strap feed. Minimal effort is required to achieve seamless tensioning and sealing. Servicing costs for the CH 47 are kept to a minimum due to its maintenance-friendly design.

Orgapack Plastic Strapping Tool

Strapping tool with battery for light loads. The OR-T 130 strapping tool is an ideal introductory model for plastic strapping. The OR-T 130 is specially designed for light applications and delicate packaging. This makes it ideal for strapping delicate products like fruit and vegetables, or white goods. It can be operated fully automatically or you can choose to use it in semi-automatic or manual mode. 

Steel Strapping Tool: CR 26

Compact and multi-usability. The CR 26 is a pneumatic hand tool for bundling with steel strap with a very high tension strength of up to 8,400 N. The small baseplate makes the CR 26 perfectly suited for the bundling of round bundles and packages. The suspension clip of the CR 26 allows for attachment of a balancer, which increases the ease of use and optimizes the application.

Orgapack Plastic Strapping Tools - Manual Operated

Strapping tool for medium heavy load. Wherever medium weight packages require high strap tension and work is carried out in various locations, the OR-T 50 is the optimal choice. The OR-T 50 is manually tensioned (separate strap insertion) with a force of up to 2,300 N.

Light Weighted Manual Operated Strapping Tool

Strapping tool for light weighted load. Strapping is one of the most used methods of unitization, bundling, and packaging in most industrial settings. Being able to easily and quickly tension and seal with a lightweight strapping tool is something that every operation is looking for when it comes to getting product out the door.

Plastic Strapping, Polypropylene

Economical strapping with PP strap. Polypropylene strap, or PP strap is the most commonly used strap and is deployed in a wide range of sectors. The main reason for this is the advantageous pricing of this strap. Polypropylene has been designed especially for light to medium loads. The strap performs excellently under normal conditions because its characteristics such as breaking strength, elasticity and tensile strength are adequate for many applications. It is supplied in different widths, thicknesses, compositions and colours, and can be printed with warnings, quality marks or marketing messages.

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