Strapping Systems

Strapping is a process whereby a metal or plastic strap is placed around a product or pallet to bundle it, reinforce it, or attach it to something. 

The ultimate objective of strapping something is to transport and/or store products/loads quickly and without damage in a safe & efficient way.

Wrapping Systems

By means of wrapping it is possible to bundle or secure products and/or protect them against falling over, getting damaged or accumulating dirt during transport and storage. The ultimate objective is to package products properly, without getting damaged and against the lowest (total) costs, to ship them from A to B.

Nailing/Stapling Systems

Coil Nailer has the advantage of being able to drive hundreds of nails between refills. Apach offers a full range of Pneumatic Coil Nailer for packaging, siding, crating, sheathing, paneling, pallets, fencing, housing and any other industrial applications.

Others Accessories

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